IJMet July/August 2014 – Dispatched 2 October 2014

cover386The latest print edition was dispatched to subscribers on Thursday 2 October 2014.

The online version is also available now via http://bit.ly/1gVKNtn

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Articles include:
The full set of TORRO annual reviews for 2013:
– Tornadoes and other Whirlwinds in the UK 2013
– Thunderstorm Division Review for Britain and Ireland 2013
– Tornadoes, Waterspouts and funnel clouds in Ireland 2013
– Torro Severe weather forecast summary for Britain and Ireland 2013
– A Review of the 2013 Hurricane, Tropical Cyclone and Typhoon Season
– Ball Lightning in the British Isles Review 2013
– Tornado Division Report: March and April 2014